We are Papal Visit

...and we love the thrill of live performance. What exactly constitutes live is (at least in the field of EDM) highly disputed, but we don't want to come to the stage just to press PLAY. We really like good old techno music and we think there is another way to present it on the stage, other than staring into the laptop  our method is this: No pre-recorded or pre-mixed tracks. Real musical instruments, like synths or drums (in fact, quite a lot of them), played using our hands, mixed on the fly. And absolutely no computers (we don't want to be looking like we're updating our Facebook status in the middle of the set or whatever...).

We love hardware instruments  all those blinkenlights shining in the dark, real knobs and faders, the sound when you push them to the edge. You can see and hear the difference. Everything at our fingertips, anything possible at any time. This way, our every gig can be unique. This way, we can interact with the crowd on so many levels. This way, our music can have a real sense of spontaneity, adventure and even unpredictability or danger  the best moments are often the result of a happy accident. And most importantly, it's a great fun.

After 3 years in the making, now is finally the time to leave the studio and haul all those beautiful machines to where they really belong to the stage. We are Papal Visit and we can't wait to inflict our sounds on you.

Papal Visit are Zbyněk Raušer (Portless, Animé, Tibet) and Jiří Hutárek.

We sound like this

Next gigs are


Gigs! More gigs!

Praha, Ostrava a Budějice will soon know the wrath of the Papal Visit’s machines! And more are to follow! Take look at the gigs, more info soon!

New track!

Surprise surprise, we have a brand new, (full-length this time) track for you all! Check it out here or on SoundCloud!

The machines are back

…and this time, they want blood! February 27th, Eleven Club, Brno!



Zbyněk Raušer, zbynek@papalvisitlive.com

+420 721 468 819